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A.T. Kearney is a global team of forward-thinking, collaborative partners that delivers immediate, meaningful results and a long-term transformational advantage to our clients and colleagues. We are talented problem solvers who work in a collegial way to create and implement elegantly simple, practical, and sustainable solutions. Consequently, we seek individuals with a proven record that combines academic excellence with significant work experience. We emphasise the personal and professional development of our associates by involving them in a variety of assignments, supporting them with a strong performance management program, and offering a full curriculum of courses. Our associates are challenged to deliver valuable insights as they help clients identify, analyse, and solve business problems across a wide range of industries.

As an A.T. Kearney associate, you will be involved in every phase of a consulting engagement, from pre-proposal research through final implementation. Almost immediately, you will join a project team, work at a client location, share your ideas, and address CEO-level issues. As part of your responsibilities you will:

  • Gather and analyse data
  • Conduct benchmarking, best practices, and other competitor assessment studies
  • Help to generate proposals and lead certain client and analyst teams
  • Recommend actions and help clients implement them
  • Have opportunities to create intellectual capital and recruit new consultants

We emphasise career development, providing our consultants with ongoing feedback and helping them manage their careers. Our goal is to help our people be very successful throughout their career life cycle. The scope of your consulting role will increase as rapidly as your performance warrants. Career progression through each consulting position generally follows this model: from associate to manager within two to three years; from manager to principal within three to four years; and from principal to partner within three to five years. Individual progress is a function of many factors, including performance, development, and firm-building contributions. Regardless of how long you stay with A.T. Kearney, the experience you gain and the relationships you build will stay with you throughout your career. Our flourishing global alumni network is a testament to our commitment to our people—and their commitment to A.T. Kearney.


To enhance your consulting knowledge and develop your potential, A.T. Kearney offers training programs that address your development needs at each stage of your career. Upon joining the firm, new associates participate in the intensive New Consultant Orientation (NCO), which is a regionally conducted training program, to learn the fundamental concepts and methodologies of consulting and begin building a network of relationships with peers and contacts within the firm. The firm also offers varied opportunities for specialised training to develop industry, process, and product expertise. Your training program continues with a full curriculum of tailored courses available to enhance your skills. All professional development activities are designed specifically to build the increasingly complex skill set required for career advancement.

What We Seek

There is no single model or standard for A.T. Kearney associates. A.T. Kearney associates are adept in analytical skills and are self-directed, team-oriented individuals who thrive on challenge. Most have three to five years of full-time relevant experience in addition to an MBA or other post-graduate degree. Their post-graduate performance positions them at the top of their class. Associates are dedicated to continuous learning. They have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and easily adapt to new cultures. They are strong group facilitators as well as capable leaders and successful team players with professional presence and business acumen. They are excellent problem solvers with proven analytical skills.

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