Michaela Glass, our Women’s Scholar for 2018 Michaela Glass, our Women’s Scholar for 2018

A.T. Kearney is proud to announce the winner of our Women’s Scholarship Winner in 2018 is Michaela Glass, a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Law (Honours) student at Monash University.

A little bit about Michaela... A little bit about Michaela...

Michaela is a third year Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Law (Honours) student at Monash University, double majoring in history and journalism. She works in the in-house legal team at MYOB and have completed internships at Slater + Gordon Lawyers, Dumbo Feather Magazine, the Jewish Holocaust Centre and Chanel 9 News. I also volunteer at Monash Oakleigh Legal Service.

Before starting her degree, Michaela studied a Diploma of Equitation Science and worked as a professional horse rider in Europe. She still rides at a national level and enjoys spending her weekends getting a heathy dose of fresh air on the farm!

She’s an all-rounder with a wide range of experiences and a passion for problem solving and new adventures and we are excited to have her as our Women’s Scholar for 2018. 

Read more about why Michaela chose to apply for the Scholarship, how she found the application process, and what she is looking forward to the most below.

Why did you apply for the A.T. Kearney Women’s Scholarship?

I applied for the A. T. Kearney Women’s Scholarship because I’m passionate about finding a meaningful career. I want to work with the brightest minds who challenge me to be my best and I truly believe A. T. Kearney is the place to do that. Everybody I spoke to about the firm began by telling me about the people they worked with. To me, people are the backbone of an organisation. Therefore, I applied for the scholarship because of the opportunity to be mentored by the best women in the industry.

As part of the application process, you were asked about what your passion was, what was your answer?

When I was eighteen, I moved halfway across the world to be a professional horse rider. I wanted to ride for Australia, but I had no idea quite how much work that would take.

I went to ride for the Dutch Olympic Team coach and worked 6.5 days a week in exchange for food, board and training. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I would be outside in the stables from dawn to dusk and my body hurt in parts I didn’t even know existed.

Eventually I came home to begin university, but the experience taught me to be resilient and that nothing is unachievable when someone believes in you and you never give up.

What are you most looking forward to in terms of the internship / mentorship / scholarship?

Oh gosh – what a hard question! I don’t know if I can choose between the internship, mentorship or financial scholarship. I think all three elements of the A. T. Kearney Women’s Scholarship are incredible opportunities to learn and develop both professionally and personally.

At this stage I am most looking forward to the internship, because it’s the perfect way to learn about the firm and the work they do, whilst being surrounded by inspiring people. The internship market is becoming increasingly competitive, so to have a guaranteed place with A. T. Kearney over the summer is very rare and exciting.

What do you intend to do with the scholarship funds?

My grandfather was a Holocaust survivor and I have recently done a lot of research into the Polish experience of the Holocaust. During my history studies and my internship at the Jewish Holocaust Centre, I have learned about his journey to safety and the survival stories of many other Polish Jews. I intend to use the scholarship funds to study in Israel next summer and continue uncovering my family history and the stories of some of the other survivors I have met.

How did you find the recruitment process? Especially, having to apply with a video?

At first, applying with a video seemed very strange and unfamiliar. However, it was actually very comforting when it came time for the final interviews! This is because I knew that whoever was interviewing me already knew a lot about what makes me ‘tick’. My video was essentially just me talking in my bedroom about my passion for my sport, so I knew nobody was expecting me to be anything other than myself.

Being introduced to my ‘buddy’ before the Finalists’ Day was also really helpful. Steph was incredible! The way she spoke about the firm and her work confirmed in my mind why I had applied and that this was the place for me, making me more determined than ever to really give it my all. She called me the night before the final interviews and told me to just be myself and let my quirks and passions shine through. This really helped me to relax and enjoy the process – I can’t thank her enough!

On Campus Recruiting On Campus Recruiting

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