Realising Your Full Pricing Potential (Breakfast Event) Realising Your Full Pricing Potential (Breakfast Event)

11 November, Sydney | 12 November, Melbourne

7.30 – 9.00am

Speakers: Frank Bilstein, Robert Bustos-McNeil (Syd), Anshuman Sengar (Mel)


We are pleased to again welcome to Australia, Frank Bilstein, one of the world’s most experienced pricing consultants with more than 150 pricing and sales excellence projects in most major industries and markets. 

Frank helps organisations to realise their full pricing potential and will be sharing cutting-edge pricing insights. Illustrated with all-new case examples from financial services, automotive spare parts manufacture and consumer products, Frank will describe how to better use customer and market data to understand both the opportunity and risk of pricing action to improve margins. Frank will also share perspectives on pricing pitfalls in concentrated markets and debunk the most common myths and assumptions preventing organisations from making best use of the pricing lever.

We hope that you will seize this opportunity to grill Frank with your toughest pricing challenges!



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